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Like any great cuisine, there is an art and science to Indian cooking that dates back to ancient times.

At killermont Polo Club we are strong believers that the best way to understand the fundamentals of such a diverse cuisine in today’s busy world is to try our vast range of carefully prepared dishes.

Our gallery illustrates the splendid decor that awaits all our customers at the Killermont Polo Club.

"After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations."

Oscar Wilde
"Polo was introduced in England from India in 1869 by the 10th Royal Hussars at Aldershot. The first ever match was played at Hounslow Heath, Greater London in July 1871.

After the demise of the Mughals and the British in India, it remains in a few remote mountainous enclaves of Jammu & Kashmir, notably Gilgit, Chitral and Ladakh."

Give your taste buds a treat.

Our extensive menu caters for all tastes and ages so what you waiting for call 0141 946 5412 now!